The Google Ads and SEO Checklist

The only checklist you’ll ever need to start being found by your dream clients.

By CEO of The Search Republic & The Search Queen, Sonja Pototzki-Raymond.

You can get discovered by your dream clients and grow your business without spending all your time on social media…

But trying to figure out how to use Google Ads + SEO to get more leads through the door is currently sitting in the “too-hard” basket.

Knowing where to start feels overwhelming – which is why I’ve created this checklist for you. Because I know getting enough leads into your business is the biggest challenge facing business owners in 2024 so I want to share the exact high-level strategy that you’re missing.

This strategy has helped generate over $700 million in sales for my client in under 6 years!

This checklist will support you to get clear on the first step you need to take to be found by your dream clients.

In case we haven’t met yet…

I’m Sonja Pototzki-Raymond, MSc, and I serve as a CEO, Google Search Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Fertility Advocate. Many know me as Sonja – The Search Queen, dedicated to helping my community outrank their competitors on Google.

In 2018, I founded The Search Republic, and within five years, I’ve generated over $700 million in sales for my clients. With a global footprint and an active client waitlist, The Search Republic is now one of Australia’s most in-demand Google-accredited digital agencies.

Educated with an honours degree and a master’s in marketing, I combine my Google Search expertise with my passion for making a difference to my client’s bottom line, the environment, and the business community.

With 19 years of global marketing and advertising experience, including working for many high-profile international brands like Guinness, Jameson, Nestle, L’Oreal, Special K, and Benefit Cosmetics, I’m renowned for accelerating growth and transforming businesses using ethical, effective, and sustainable Google Search strategies.

I’m very passionate about demystifying the smoke and mirrors that surround Google search and teaching you how to harness it so you can start being found by your dream clients. 

This Google Ads and SEO Checklist will help you:

  • Go from overwhelmed to empowered and know where to start to use Google to grow your business. 
  • Take Google out of the too-hard basket and make it a priority to market your business. 
  • Save you time in your business + marketing because you understand the true potential of Google and how it can explode your business when executed correctly.
  • No longer just rely on Social Media as a means to grow your business. 


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Google Ads & SEO Checklist

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