Google Ads Basic

Introducing Google Ads Basic: a simple solution for boosting your brand

A location-based brand campaign to drive your conversions and get your business name out there. Become known to the locals and embrace the power of brand recognition with Google Ads Basic.

Get your brand name out there with Google Ads Basic!

Ever wondered why no one knows your brand name? If you’re not putting it out there, it’s not going to be received by the people searching for your goods or services. A Google Ads Basic package is a branded search campaign that aims to raise impressions, awareness, clicks and conversions for your brand via Google Search.

Google Ads Basic will help you:

Discover the power of location based search

Target customers in your area who are looking for your services

Get your brand name out there

Grow brand awareness in your local customer base

Set your business up for success on Google

Increase Google Ad performance through an integrated approach with Google My Business and Site Extensions

Your Google Ads Basic package

Come out from the shadows and make your brand known with a Google Ads Basic package.

This package is ideal for new businesses who want to kickstart their growth and raise brand awareness online and in their local community.

What you’ll get in a Google Ads Basic package:

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