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Google display advertising is a great way to increase brand visibility and awareness as these ads are shown to a highly targeted audience without them ever having to search for your business of offering beforehand. When users are shown your display ads, it’s sometimes the first time they have ever seen or interacted with your brand. 


Remarketing (also called retargeting) ads are a form of display ads but they work slightly differently. Remarketing is used to recapture lost sales by showing your current audience items they’ve shown interest in and encouraging them along the sales funnel to that final purchase step.

What are Remarketing & Display Ads

You’ve most likely experienced remarketing and display ads yourself. Display ads are those ads that pop up, usually in the form of banners, or a block with images and text, or an animation when visiting a website. Display ads can appear on search engine results pages, on other websites, or on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Display ads are highly targeted and are meant to be shown to the target audience of the brand or product being advertised. 


Display ads are a method of advertising used to attract a specific targeted audience to a brand’s website, microsite, or social media page to take a specific action, such as make a purchase, enter a competition, or enter their details for marketing and remarketing purposes. 


Most display ads on Google use a cost-per-click model. Every time a user clicks on your ad, you’ll get charged an amount, which will vary depending on your overall bidding strategy. Display ads can be used for retargeting as well.  


Remarketing ads are a form of display advertising, except they are used to retarget new or existing customers that visited a website without making a purchase. For example, if you were searching an e-commerce site for dark wash jeans and you browsed a few different options but didn’t end up buying anything, you would have probably seen remarketing Google ads on other websites you visited, showing you the jeans you browsed and encouraging you to return to the site and buy them. 

Remarketing or retargeting ads work by including a small amount of code in your website, which adds a user’s IP address to a remarketing list when they visit your website. Then, when they visit another site within the Google Display Network, a remarketing ad containing the product they browsed on your site shows up. With remarketing, it’s possible to recapture sales from new or existing customers no matter how far along the sales funnel they’ve gotten.

At The Search Republic, is a Google display ads agency with a team of experienced PPC experts who know the ins and outs of display and remarketing advertising. 

We use our Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager expertise to attract your ideal target audience to your website and retarget them at the right time and place to encourage conversions. We are a data-driven agency that makes informed decisions to ensure campaign success. 

Once they have converted however, we don’t stop there. We use Google Ads best practices to nurture these leads and ensure that they become loyal returning customers.

Importance of Remarketing & Display

Remarketing and Display advertising offers many benefits to advertisers. One of which is that remarketing leads to higher conversion rates than before these forms of advertising were used.


In fact, retargeted customers are 3x more likely to click on your ad than those who have never interacted with your brand or business before. Because you are able to track the performance of your ads, display and retargeting also helps you learn who potential and existing customers are, what attracts their attention, and what motivates them to make a purchase on your site. By using this data to improve your marketing efforts in a constant feedback loop, you will also continually be able to improve and, in turn, increase your conversion rates.  


Additionally, because viewers don’t need to explicitly search for your business or its offering to see your display ads, coupled with the massive reach of Google Display Network, presenting display ads to users increases brand awareness and visibility. This also leads to improved lead generation and new audience members for you to retarget.


You can also conduct engagement tracking and monitoring with display and remarketing ads, which makes them extremely measurable, even to a granular level. Every click, impression, and conversion can be tracked from your Google Ads account, as well as in Google Analytics.


Google Display Network

As mentioned above, display ads can be shown to users without them ever searching for your business or products. Because Google is the most widely-used search engine in the world. That’s because the Google Display Network helps you find the right audience for your offering with its highly targeted options, so that it shows your ad to the right people, at the right place and time. 


With the Google Display Network, you can find new customers or retarget existing ones by using audience segments. Google Ads also automatically optimises who and when and where to show your ads based on existing data.


The Search Republic Approach to Remarketing & Display

When designing a display advertising and remarketing strategy for your business, our first step is to understand your business and strategic goals and make them the basis for our overall strategy. 


We then conduct market research, which includes a deep dive into industry data, your competition, and your target audience trends and behaviour, as well as find the best marketing opportunities to ensure that the right platform for remarketing and display is used. 


A tailor-made strategy that is aligned with your business goals, target audience, and industry, is then crafted. Once approved, the strategy is rolled out either on Google, Facebook, or Instagram advertising networks, or all three.  


Our work isn’t done once your ads are live, we continually monitor the performance of your campaigns and optimise them to ensure you get maximum ROI.


Your growth map/cycle

By choosing The Search Republic, you are choosing a long-term search partner. We consider your company goals and objectives every step of the way to ensure tailor-made display and remarketing campaigns that target your ideal audience and improve the visibility of your brand. 


By including display and remarketing into your larger digital marketing strategy, you will be guaranteed more brand awareness, customer advocacy, more clicks to your site, and in turn, increased conversions.  


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