How Online Marketing Can Help Your Business Not Only Survive but Thrive During the Crisis.

9 May 2019
Sonja Pototzki-Raymond

The world, as we know, is changing, daily practices we were used to are shifting, and we in tow must adapt to the new normal. A considerable part of this is the change in how consumers are engaging with content. These changes in behaviour and consumption don’t have to be detrimental for your business; it can be a time instead to focus on what you can control and prepare yourself for the upswing when the economy comes back around.

Just tune in to any news channel, and you’ll hear the updates with the latest COVID-19 infection rates and new safety precautions that are being implemented by the government. We know you’re doing your best to keep yourself and those around you safe from the virus, but as a community, despite these efforts, it’s continuing to spread. You cannot control this. If the virus impacts your business, you could not predict that no one could. Instead, focus on what you can control and how your business will adapt to these new circumstances.

Digital attention is at an all-time high. On March 11th, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the COVID-19 disease a pandemic, sending the world into a tailspin. During the week March 9th to 15th, the total amount of digital visits to Amazon, Walmart and Target’s online sites collectively saw 779 million visits ( It was the highest number of visits in any week this year with a 3.8% growth compared to the previous week. Since the start of February, retail visits online have steadily increased, with the highest individual days for the retail visits on March 10th to 14th (

Why You Need to Prepare Your Website.

With social distancing measures are in increasing effect and more people at home, it is no surprise there is an increased amount of online traffic. This new social isolation we are experiencing has resulted in a 60% increase in content consumption online (adnews). Businesses who rely on their customers coming in-store may have been impacted the hardest. Statistics are showing now that 52% of consumers are avoiding crowds, and 32% are leaving their homes less often (technomic). More and more people are going online for items and services that they previously would have enjoyed in-store, adding pressure for businesses, both small and large, to have an internet presence.

In these uncertain times, it’s essential to look at the statistics of countries who have experienced the worst of the pandemic. In China, the average daily time spent on mobile Internet increased from 6.1 hours at the start of January to 6.8 hours in early February before spiking to 7.3 hours once their workers were in self-quarantine (emarketer).

This in-turn demonstrates the importance of establishing your business online, and if you’re able to, converting your website to e-commerce so you can sell your products and services online. If you want to adapt to these new ways of consumption, get in contact with us here, and we can discuss with you how to get the most out of your business online and other possibilities.

After the crisis, there will be an entirely new way of working and interacting online that will continue well into the future (Hern T, 2020). It’s crucial to focus on what you can do now so you can take advantage when the economic upswing occurs. This will set you apart from your competitors who may have not adapted, you have the opportunity to serve people now, and win business later!  

How Digital Marketing Can Save Your Business.

There has never been a better time to advertise on Google, and it isn’t just because of the increased online activity. Currently, Google Search ads are beginning to slow, and as a result, there is less competition. The cost per click is at its lowest across all industries (wordstream) while digital attention is at an all-time high (socialmediatoday). This will mean you can achieve a higher return on your investment.

There is less face to face social interaction, and in-turn people are switching to Google & Social Media to connect. Clarify what makes your brand unique and share it on Social Media channels, people are going to see it now more than ever! Celebrate what your brand has accomplished and share how your business is demonstrating resilience throughout the crisis. Experiment with new ways of digital connection.

The marketing industry has been beckoned to respond quickly through increased online efforts for their clients to switch to online modes of marketing. Local companies are already doing this with ‘61% [of companies] making changes for the near-term and just 9% making amends to longer-term plans’ (McEleny C, 2020).

To help slow down the detrimental economic effect of the Coronavirus marketing agencies will need to step up. There must be an understanding that this is a humanitarian crisis firstly. As businesses, we need to start focusing on adding value by helping our loyal customers and communicating with them throughout the crisis.

What Does More Web Traffic Mean for Your Business?

Having an excellent website that generates leads, and that is well-liked by Google can make a world of difference over the next six months. According to current research, website traffic is varying from industry to industry. There are significant spikes in news, healthcare and finance while travel and luxury goods such as TVs are seeing a decline in traffic (Patel N, 2020). This means that all businesses will need to prioritise the customers that visit their website and continue to be innovative with their services that are displayed.

With many people unable to leave their homes due to the virus-specific niches of e-commerce, such as grocery and pharmaceutical delivery, have developed unstoppable momentum and recorded record sales growth. Look at how your business can adapt to be more online friendly during the next few months and start to engage more frequently with the consumers you already have. The more visitors online, the more opportunities you have. However, it’s crucial to differentiate quality traffic from irrelevant traffic. To build high-quality traffic during this period of time, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media campaigns and other online advertising efforts need to be optimised regularly. And by regularly, we mean daily or weekly throughout the crisis.

If digital (online) marketing is uncharted territory for you, and you are unsure of where to start, we are here to help. Our mission is to help as many businesses survive the crisis through Online Marketing hence setting your business up for the long term, to not just to survive the current crisis but to thrive. Our Marketing Republic team specialises in Online Marketing which consists of Website Development, Google Ads, Display Advertising, SEOSocial Media Marketing (and heaps more!). Give us a call if you want to chat! Contact us on 08 9329 6877 or send us a message here.

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