How to Check your Google Ads Change History

Google Ads
22 May 2020
Sonja Pototzki-Raymond

What we have noticed from speaking with our clients since we started working in digital marketing almost a decade ago, is that they are unaware of how to check the digital work that has been completed (or check on the work that other digital agencies have done for them). We firmly believe that we need to educate our clients about WHERE and HOW to look at results to develop a more transparent and trustworthy relationship.

We want nothing more than our clients to know they can trust our company with their investment, we think a way to do that is by showing our clients how to monitor the results for themselves, so they trust in the work we are doing, as trust, respect, loyalty and integrity are the core company values that The Marketing Republic was built on.

An excellent place to start is by checking the history of a Google Ads campaign. A campaign will never reach its potential and drive ROI if the campaign is not optimised regularly. Optimising a Google Ads campaign is like weeding a garden, you can’t expect to have a beautiful garden if you don’t put the time in to look after it, Google Ads is no different.

Some businesses have had resources in the past that have used the ‘set and forget’ mentality. Without ever optimising a Google Ads campaign which in turn has never driven satisfactory results – Google Ads is not the problem it is the resource that is managing it for you is where the problem lies.

We have seen exceptional results from our clients who have been patient with the process and trusted in our Google Ads strategies. HubSpot’s research shows businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads.

We don’t like to promise results (as Google is ultimately the judge of that). But we can guarantee a regularly updated and optimised campaign that is well-aligned with Google best practice and recent updates.

Follow these three easy steps to double-check if your Google Ads campaign is getting updated regularly.

1) Log into your Google Ads account at

2) Under the ‘Overview’ column, click the option under settings that says, ‘change history.’

3) Click ‘change history’ here you will see dates and optimisations made to that Google Ads account.

We have seen nightmare accounts where there have been little to no optimisations made to the Ad account. For a successful campaign, there should be monthly optimisations, or you aren’t getting full value out of your Google Ads investment.

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