Residential Attitudes Case Study

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Residential Attitudes is an innovative home designer creating luxurious spaces for those who want to steer away from cookie-cutter home design. Residential Attitudes got in contact with The Marketing Republic as they were not satisfied with the results their previous agency was achieving.

Before we started to work with Residential Attitudes, their website had been penalised by Google in 2017 and again in 2018. Unfortunately, this was due to Blackhat SEO (negative SEO) where the SEO work was outsourced to a third party in an attempt to get quick results and failed to follow Google’s best practices.

Luckily, The Marketing Republic has experience working with websites previously penalised by Google. We were able to gradually reverse the Blackhat SEO damage for Residential Attitudes over time, increasing the websites’ SEO success.

Since the start of our journey with Residential Attitudes, we have achieved significant increases in website traffic with an overall SEO performance improvement. We have collected data from eleven months of us working together to see exactly what our achievements have been.

During this period, there were 40,641 results in total traffic to the website. 17.3% of that was people returning to the website again. But an astounding 82.7% was brand new traffic that had never visited the site before, and 17.3% were returning.

In efforts to try and reverse Black Hat SEO which caused the website penalisation, The Marketing Republic applied our White Hat SEO strategy, focusing on a three-pronged approach with a list of deliverables under each of the following areas.

  1. On-page optimisation
  2. Off-page optimisation
  3. Technical Optimisation

This performance growth is due primarily to SEO work where we were able to boost their website rankings and increased traffic. SEO accounted for 52.92% of the overall traffic to the site within this time frame. With a detailed understanding of the necessary digital actions for a website, we can achieve results like this all whilst remaining favoured by the search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

SEO traffic accounted for 11,770 total visits. This traffic was 28.96% of the overall website traffic to the Residential Homes website in those eleven months.

This a substantial increase in traffic when compared to 18.68% recorded in the previous year following the penalisation. There was a total 63.90% increase in SEO traffic, equating to a total of 4,817 new users.

We noticed a considerable amount of conversions between potential clients during that time, with 347 conversions (phone calls and contact form enquiries completed), averaging at 32 conversions per month. These conversions accounted for 35.34% of the total conversions on the website with that time frame. Compared to the year prior, SEO conversions for Residential Attitudes increased by 125.32%.

Our campaign optimisation and management experience in Google Ads helped us to achieve even better results. In five months, we recorded an increased Click Through Rate (CTR) from 3% to 10% and the Cost Per Click (CPC) reduced by $4.71 per click. On average, there were 13 macro conversions (phone calls and email enquiries) recorded each month.

We will never make promises to clients that we cannot keep. At The Marketing Republic, we pride ourselves on remaining transparent in all our digital marketing and are always happy to explain the process. Too many business owners have been let down in the past from other agencies under-delivering. We want you to trust digital marketing again! We were able to achieve a significant increase in organic website traffic and increased conversions through our digital strategies, all while upholding our values along the way.