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Smooth Start is first home buyer specialists who offer a variety of house and land packages around Perth. They are a family run business with values reflecting our own.

Smooth Start was not satisfied with the results their previous agency was achieving. They had a ‘set and forget’ mentality and failed to keep their strategies and optimisation up to date.

Since the beginning of our journey with Smooth Start, we’ve achieved significant increases in website traffic with SEO performance improvement. We’ve collected data within two months of us working together to see what our achievements have been.

During this period, there were 9,971 results in total traffic to the website. 16.9% of that was people returning to the website again. But an astounding 83.1% was brand new traffic that had never visited the site before.

This performance growth is due primarily to SEO work where we boosted their website rankings and increased their traffic. Here, SEO Traffic accounted for 1,291 results, working out to 12.43% of the overall traffic coming from SEO within this period. Our team has extensive knowledge of all things digital marketing. We can achieve these results by optimising client’s websites for the search engine (Google, Yahoo & Bing), keeping our clients ranked favourably.

We noticed a considerable number of conversions between potential clients during that time with 270 conversions (phone calls and contact form enquiries completed), averaging at 90 conversions per month, accounting for 8.65% of the total conversions on the website with that period.

We know a successful google ads campaign can have outstanding results for a business. We collected the data from five months whilst we managed and optimised the campaign. In this period, we recorded an increased Click Through Rate (CTR) from 3% to 10% and the Cost Per Click (CPC) reduced from $6.80- $4.80 per click. On average, there were 33 macro conversions (phone calls and email enquiries) recorded each month.

Digital marketing, when done correctly is highly effective in achieving results and conversions for businesses. We want to bridge that gap of trust between businesses and marketing agencies.

We were able to achieve a significant increase in organic website traffic and increased conversions through our digital strategies, all while upholding our values along the way. Our values are trust, respect, loyalty and integrity, and we will only work with clients who also uphold these values. Through every step, we remain transparent with our clients and never make big promises that we cannot keep!