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SOMO is dedicated to helping you find a space of your own with their house and land packages able to suit a customer’s basic needs or wildest dreams.

SOMO had overhauled their website and launched a completely new one in early 2019. A new website takes an extreme amount of work and persistence to gain Google’s trust and credibility. You have to prove your website is worthy of ranking high in the search engine’s results. This takes a lot of behind the scenes work to have SEO results coming through from a new website. When it comes to trying to get a website ranking on Google, there are no guarantees. When it comes to rankings, it’s a matter of persistence and ensuring the website is aligned with Googles’ Algorithms.

Since the start of our journey with SOMO, we’ve achieved significant increases in website traffic with an SEO performance improvement. We’ve collected data within eleven months of us working together to see what our achievements have been.

During this period, there were 20,495 results in total traffic to the website. 11.4% of that was people returning to the website again. But an astounding 88.6% was brand new traffic that had never visited the site before.

This performance growth is due primarily to SEO which boosted the websites’ ranking and increased traffic. Overall, SEO accounted for 17% of the overall traffic to the site within this period. SEO Traffic accounted for 3,458, which works out as 17% of the overall traffic coming from SEO during this period.

We noticed a considerable amount of conversions between potential clients during that time with 110 conversions (phone calls and contact form enquiries completed), averaging at 10 conversions per month.

Our combined experience with Google Ads, campaign optimisation and management resulted helped us gain even better results. In five months, we recorded an increased Click Through Rate (CTR) to 8% and the Cost Per Click (CPC) reduced by $5.20 per click. On average, there were 12 macro conversions (phone calls and email enquiries) recorded each month.

We are looking forward to what else we can achieve for SOMO moving forward. Achieving these results for our deserving clients is what makes this all worth it. Through our digital strategies and working together, we can continue in delivering real results for businesses. Through every step, we will always remain transparent with our clients and maintain our values of trust, respect, loyalty and integrity.