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WA Country Builders are leaders in the rural building scene in Western Australia. They try to remain as local as possible whilst providing choice and peace of mind for their customers.

Since the start of our journey with WA Country Builders, we’ve achieved significant increases in website traffic with SEO performance improvement. We’ve collected data within eleven months of us working together to see what our achievements have been.

During this period, there were 66,334 results in total traffic to the website. 20.4% of this were users returning to their website again. But an astounding 79.6% was brand new traffic that had never visited the site before.

This performance growth is primarily due to SEO work, where we were able to boost their website rankings and increased overall traffic. In this period, SEO accounted for 40.22% of the overall traffic to the WA Country Builders website. Results pay off when we combine our knowledge and experience with optimising client’s websites for the search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

We noticed a considerable amount of conversions between potential clients during this period. A total of 2815 conversions (phone calls and contact form enquiries completed) were achieved, averaging at 255 conversions per month, which accounts for 55.10% of the total conversions on the website. Compared to the previous year, SEO conversions for WA Country Builders increased by 58.77%.

Through our experience with google ads in campaign optimisation and management, our team was able to achieve even better results. In five months, we recorded an increased Click Through Rate (CTR) from 7% to 12% and the Cost Per Click (CPC) reduced by $3.48 per click. On average, there were 68 macro conversions (phone calls and email enquiries) recorded each month.

Many of our clients have been let down in the past by digital marketing agencies who over promise and under deliver. We pride ourselves on never promising results we cannot follow through with.

This ties into our values of trust, respect, loyalty and integrity which we strive to uphold in all our work. We will continue to work alongside our clients and remain as transparent and open in the process as we work hard to deliver them the results they deserve.